Sunday, March 10, 2013

IKEA, I love your catalog!

In prepping for a webinar I'm doing on cross-channel copywriting, I fell in love with my new IKEA catalog and its iPhone app. The object of my affection isn't just IKEA's product copy and designs, although they are wonderful.

I'm in love with the engaging way IKEA uses cross-channel copy and content to tell its products' stories ... and show me gazillions of ways I can use IKEA in my own home.

It's all about the catalog app.  This fun, intuitive tool enables you to scan the catalog pages that have a phone symbol in the upper right-hand corner.  43 out of the catalog's 328 pages have one.  Start scanning and it's easy to get hooked.  Here's why.

Sometimes you'll link to videos that tell fascinating stories about featured products. Other times you'll see inspiring still shots of tabletops, room settings and beautifully organized closets. The intent is to give you easy access to extra content.  I guarantee, you won't be disappointed.

So, here's your assignment...

Do what I did.  Go online and request a free IKEA catalog..  While you're waiting for it to arrive, visit your app store and download the IKEA Catalog App on your smart phone.  It's free, too.  When you get your catalog, set aside an hour or so.  Explore all the ways this creative company is using cross-channel technology to entice customers to learn more about their products. And for those of you who think traditional catalogs are passe', think again.  This all starts with ink on paper .... 

One of my personal favorites is the video linked to this beauty shot of IKEA cushions and textiles.  I'd tell you the page number but too often, they have chosen not to include page numbers...I guess because of the photography.  That's an ooops on IKEA's part, but one of the few.  Enjoy!

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