Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Socks Copy I Wish I'd Written

While I usually recommend ad copy focus on you the reader rather than I/we the company, this ad is an exception.  And it's an ad about socks.  Not sexy socks.  Gold Toe socks.  Love it!

The ad reads:

We have more than strength
they have in their whole sock.

All socks are not created equal.  Want proof?  Get a pair of Gold Toe socks.  For more than 80 years, we've knit each pair to last, with reinforced toes for extra durability.  They're comfortable too, thanks to our specially flattened toe seams.  And with a variety of fashionable patterns and colors to choose from, there's no good reason to buy another brand of socks ever again.  Gold Toe.  Style that lasts.  To learn more, visit  The best socks on two feet. 

As a direct response writer, I would have changed one thing.  The call to action.  Instead of, "To learn more, visit," I'd have gone for the sale.  "Buy yours at"  But then I'm almost always about making the sale.

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