Friday, January 18, 2013

The refrigerator magnet that delivers pizza ...

I just read this story about The Best of Show winner in the 2012 Caples Awards.  It's a tasty example of what happens when creativity and technology team up. Look at the results, the budget and the YouTube video ...

Red Tomato Pizza needed an inexpensive way to take on the mega pizza chains, enhance customer loyalty, and increase and improve its delivery service. So the pizza shop teamed up with TBWA\RAAD to create Red Tomato VIP refrigerator magnets.  Sound ho-hum?  Hardly.

Besides decorating the fridge, these magnet act as VIP pizza “emergency delivery” devices for loyal pizza lovers. Customers push the magnet’s button to automatically place their pizza order of choice. The ordering process is set up using Bluetooth technology via customers’ mobile phones. Customers can update their pizza of choice online, which adjusts the magnet order accordingly. Red Tomato also created a YouTube video to help spread the word.
The service delivered delicious results. By keeping to a marketing budget of $9,000, deliveries skyrocketed 500% within four weeks. Red Tomato Pizza received 3,240 requests from previous customers and 97,133 from new ones. Whoa! The VIP magnet also experienced a publicity boom with more than 12,000 mentions, 9,400 international news stories—worth more than $8 million in free media. The success of the program also opened the door for global franchise opportunities. 


  1. One of the better ideas I've seen in a while. Fantastic.

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